Flamingo spa in haifa

From NIS 270, a 30-minute massage and entry to the spa for one person

Have you ever asked yourself how people succeed in menging a successful career

  good social life

 , healthy relationship and family life and steel keep their feet on the ground

  ,be full with willpower and happiness ?
Did you find yourself being tired with you daily abrasive routine that takes from you all your energy and leaves you powerless time after time because of your overloaded life?
Flamingo spa have the answer for all of this problems!

  Flamingo spa in Haifa

 is a great solution for people that want to take a little brake from their busy life and give themselves a little body and soul time.
Our soul reflects directly on our body.

 If we want to enjoy with balance in our life , and live a happy and healthy life its very important to take ourself some time off and exploit it to recharge the body with energy.
Spa Flamingo is located in the Carmel center it’s a place that will give you a sense of calm and peace from the minuet you come in.
Spa Flamingo is a spa complex that offers a variety of a professional massages with the most professional and caring masseuses in the area .
The real asset of the spa is their masseuses that has a load of experience in the profession and a great knowledge with all kinds of special and classic massage techniques .
Sometimes it could be a little confusing to choose a specific massage from the great selection that spa flamingo offers . but they have a great solution for that problem too, they know to adjust the right massage for anyone just by answering a few questions .
With flamingo spa you will enjoy a special luxury lounge with drinks and appetizers . and we can also add wine by your request .

The most popular spa in HaifaIn the open spa area we have a jacuzzi that is located in the middle of our beautiful green garden .

The most popular spa in Haifa

In the inside area we have luxurious saunas that will make you enjoy and restore all of your powers! we are design to make pleasure!
So if you are looking for a nice place to refill yourself we are the right place for that . just search us on google “Flamingo spa” and come and enjoy.

spa in haifa

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